Dear Posh Paws on Tour.

Thank you for my lovely weekend of walks and play. I especially enjoyed my blow-dry and am looking forward to my upcoming Doggy Vogue cover shoot off the back of it. Look forward to seeing you again for plays very soon.


What are you doing to our dogs? They love you MUCH This just tell me that you the best dog walkers any dog cut ask for!! I’ll need a pay raise first then he can have you all he want 😛 from Nanna Bjorn owner

If Crumble could talk, he’d ask to live with you – that’s what Christo said yesterday. Crumble owner

Thanks. Our five year old said Crumble’s really happy and he’ll never want to come back. Crumble Owber

Hi Tracy, didn’t see your message until recently, hope you weren’t waiting for long. Thanks again, he smells lovely and looks handsome after his bath…and seems so happy! 😊 Romeo


xmas-giftThank you so much for the Christmas gift – Romeo loves it when it is filled with chicken crisp. Very sweet card too. Merry Xmas, Lone & Jacob